OK, lots of preambles here but they're all important. Stick with me, please.
First, I wish I could show so much more of the project but to ensure I don't break NDA, I'm limiting visual to something I know was already publicly shown. I'll try to speak to the rest below.
Next, Cisco's TV division became Synamedia towards the end of 2008, meaning a large chunk of this project took place during the acquisition process.
Finally, this was a massive, multi-year project that predates my time with Normative and actually goes back to a previous Normative project with a different client. I cannot truthfully extract my contribution from those of others but I will explain the various roles I played over time. Designers who worked on this project include Maxim Siebert (from whom I took over), Kezia Payne, Petia Karrin, Matt Ma, Olivia Shin, Vivian So, Maria Rotella, our art Director Timmy Stafford and our design directors Lindsay Ellerby and Andrea Ong. Apologies to anybody I might have missed.
Designing the Next Generation of Television
Cisco (now Synamedia) provides multiplatform Pay TV services to global clients including Sky, DirectTV and Etisalat. They engaged Normative to envision a future product blending traditional Cable TV experiences with on-demand streaming across devices. In late 2018, Cisco’s TV division became Synamedia.
Working in a rapidly-growing team, my role shifted over time. I went from the only designer to the connective tissue linking our interaction, interface and mobile designer. Collaboratively as a design and research team, we led new feature innovation through workshops, storyboarding and rapid prototyping.
Along with a business analyst, and front-end developer, we built a design system using Storybook that allowed both our team and Cisco's internal team to design for increasingly complex permutations
In my second spell on the project, I created and documented our motion design language and created a presentation video showcasing product features and integration with Google Assistant, entirely in After Effects. This video was part of the Google showcase at IBC—the world's most influential media show.

“Are you still watching?”

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